Pretty recently I deleted every social media account I had. I got exhausted with people and relationships; I felt it was finally time to just move on from it. This last year has been filled with second guessing relationships and myself, social media didn't really help with that... Social media isn't reality. Social media is... Continue Reading →

Full Friggin Circle

I'm sitting here watching Moana with my little dude. I never thought I would have a child, but here I am watching a kids movie with him while he picks around pancakes I made for him this morning. I laid next to him and just stared at his little cheeks as he watched the movie.... Continue Reading →

I wish I could eternal sunshine you

I remember when I first saw this wonderful movie. I remembered thinking how beautiful this concept was but how I would regret completely erasing any past boyfriends or crushes from my memory. I never really think about my first boyfriend, but I remembered picking up personality traits because he was in my life. I also... Continue Reading →

Group selfies

The title has nothing to do with this blog. But I’ve always thought the term was funny. Lately I’ve been thrown into more social situations. Some by choice and a lot were sort of by choice. The sort of ny choice outings were suggestions by a trained professional because he thinks I’m a great person... Continue Reading →

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